Bamboo Brace Paired with Supinator Strap for Quadriplegia.

Learning to Crawl with Bilateral Bamboo Brace (Low Tone)

Ball Handling with Bamboo Brace and Hemiplegia

Bridging Furniture with Bamboo Brace and Hemiplegia

Toddler With hemiparisis Crawls with Bamboo Brace

Bamboo Brace Aids in Reaching for Quadriplegia

Three Year Old with Hemiplegia Bridging Furniture with Bamboo Brace

Child with Right Sided Hemiplegia Using Bamboo Brace

Bamboo Brace Aids in Crawling for Girl with Hyptonia

Cerebral Palsy Playground Ideas With Bamboo Brace

The Bamboo Brace For Stroke

The Bamboo Brace To Help With Walking

Avery Rocks Bamboo Braces

Quinn's Quick Crawl

Toby Crawls With The Bamboo Brace

Floor Transitions With Sophie and The Bamboo Brace

Putting on The Bamboo Brace: A video starring Bronson and Michael J. Workman PT

Putting on the 2nd Bamboo Brace: Starring Bronson & Michael J.

Blayke and The Bamboo Brace: For Children with Hemiplegia

Macey On Her Way With The Bamboo Brace

How The Bamboo Brace Helps During Play

The Bamboo Brace for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Hannah Learns to Crawl With The Bamboo Brace

Michael J. presents The Bamboo Brace on KUTV news (May 2012)

The Bamboo Brace on Family Matters Segment (KUTV News June 2011)


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